My passion for authenticity in both skincare and product ingredients has led me to create a healthy, clean version of the products we use everyday.  As an integrative health coach, I also offer free 30 minute health and wellness consultations to anyone who wants to take that first step into feeling better, no matter how big or small it is. 

I am a graduate from (IIN) Institute For Integrative Nutrition and started out in a raw, vegan juice bar, assisting clients through juice and raw food cleanses. With the knowledge for plants as medicine and my education as an integrative health coach, I furthered my career by opening a wellness shop in a cannabis dispensary. My knowledge for the newly-legalized plant was expanding even further and it was then incorporated into my skincare products that are here today.

 I am a CBD and medical cannabis advocate and can speak on it, and a variety of topics related to health, wellness and dis-ease in the body. I am also a firm believer in using food as medicine and can most times find a helpful way to swap out products and foods for better options to help people get on their way to more optimal health. 

I tend to lean towards a plant-based diet, but my pendulum doesn’t swing too far in either direction and I always leave room for dessert! 

Soon after graduating from IIN, I learned of the the harmful consequences of using some commercial brands & the health concerns with chemical-laden deodorants & skin care products. Not only that, but I began realizing that I had major issues with my underarms, as a result of using those products since I was 13!  The more I learned about how my own body reacted, I noticed a lot of other women (and men) were having the same kind of problem…just no one really talked about it.

I began a quest to find a natural deodorant (that worked)-there were none to be found at the time.

I needed to find a solution-I just couldn’t go back to using them. My body acted weird when I used them and I couldn’t keep putting that on my underarms, after I showered. It became an issue, because I couldn’t find one in the stores that worked, either.

When CBD entered, I was AMAZED at how my already luscious face serum was now the ultimate balancer. It gave my face a really moisturized, but not oily, and almost matted, balanced lively feeling. I loved it, so on  I went, to create the healthiest, most beautiful versions of the products I used everyday-deodorant, face serum & lip balm-more to come!

We are continuously on the search for high-quality recognizable ingredients that only nature can provide. Incorporating full spectrum CBD creates an optimal solution for balanced healthy skin.

We hope that these products elevate and empower you to live a toxin-free life.  

To your health!